SSR Success Story - Emma Mills, Filming & Location Sound Assistant

Emma Mills

Filming & Location Sound Assistant

Music Production & Sound Engineering

Emma Mills currently studies on our Audio Engineering Techniques & Technology course and has recently been putting her training into practice with some work on short films, music videos and recording bands in the studio.

SSR was recently approached by local production company Northern Lads Productions, who in their own words are "seven lads aiming to promote exciting new productions using undiscovered local talent waiting to get their break into the mainstream". The company were looking for help from an SSR student with some upcoming projects and following discussions with our tutors, we had no hesitation in recommending Emma for the roles.
The first project she worked on with Northern Lads was a short film called Cardboard Boy followed by a music video for Stolen Haven, and we asked Emma to fill us in on the projects:

Emma Mills:
“Cardboard Boy was written and directed by Jamie Shelton and Andrew Ellis. It's a short film about a little boy coming to terms with the death of his older brother. Considering the subject matter was quite emotional and intense, there was such a fun, upbeat atmosphere on set – it really didn't feel like work. There were quite a few challenges with the recording (the biggest being that the main location was in the flight path about 5 minutes from Manchester Airport), but the Northern Lads were an absolute pleasure to work with, and really made me feel like part of the team from the get-go.

When they asked me to record sound for a couple of scenes in a music video they were filming the following weekend, I didn't hesitate. The video was for Stolen Haven's single 'U R Soul'. The concept centres on a young guy who's recently been dumped, so his friends turn up, dressed in pig masks, kidnap him, and take him to a secret rave in the woods to cheer him up (as you do). Again, the band, the crew and the many extras (all in animal costumes) were incredibly enthusiastic, and although it was quite late and very cold by the time we finished, the energy on set never let up.

If any SSR students have the chance to get involved with Northern Lads Productions, they should definitely go for it! I had a fantastic time working on both projects, and I'm really grateful to SSR for suggesting me for the opportunity.”

Alongside Emma's work with Northen Lads she is also busy in the studios here at SSR recording bands and artists. One such recording session took place with a band called Gin Pit, and again we asked Emma to tell us a little about the project:

Emma Mills:
“This is the first of 4 tracks for Gin Pit, a North West-based rock & blues band playing classic rock covers, that I recorded, mixed and mastered at SSR Manchester (many thanks to Martin Desai for his help with mastering). It's worth mentioning that this is a single take, with the whole band playing together in SSR's Einstein studio - no punch-ins, and no overdubs except backing vocals. Total pros!”