SSR Success Story - Martim Pocinho, Mix Engineer

Martim Pocinho

Mix Engineer

Music Production & Sound Engineering

SSR graduate Martim Pocinho studied on our Audio Engineering Techniques & Technology course which he completed earlier this year.

During his studies, one of Martim’s tutors Chris Power was handed a few tracks by the ex-Joy Division and New Order star Peter Hook, to mix for a DVD which is set for release in the future on the famous Factory Records label.

Chris was given consent to hand these tracks over to an SSR student to see what they could do, and as Martim had recently handed in a very impressive course project Chris offered him the opportunity. The results of Martim’s mix not only impressed Chris but also Peter Hook and his band, so much so that they invited Martim back to mix more of their work for the DVD release.

The new DVD that Martim and Peter have been working on celebrates the opening night of the FAC251 venue that occurred in February 2010 in Manchester, and features Peter Hook’s performance alongside his band.

Peter Hook:
"Martim made it very easy for us and we really liked the work he did with the original sessions. So much so that we invited him to get on board and mix the whole project! The highest compliment we can pay is that he has been very professional throughout, and from the standard of his work it was hard to believe he has only just graduated!"

Martim Pocinho:
"I would just like to say that SSR has given me a great opportunity to get involved in the making of some good music. I met a lot of interesting characters and inspiring musicians whilst studying there. Martin Desai gave me a kick in the butt and told me I had a lot to learn; I needed that. Chris Power gave me the opportunity to work with Peter Hook in an interesting project; he showed a lot belief in me. Steve Buckley inspired me to develop myself as a producer who is passionate and creative. And Jay Beard showed me that the music business has a heart made up of friendships."

We would like to thank Martim for the very kind words about SSR and our tutors. It is nice to know the efforts our tutors to inspire and encourage our students have a positive effect, and we wish Martim every success in his future career.