SSR Success Story - Alex Holland, Recording Engineer - Halle Orchestra

Alex Holland

Recording Engineer - Halle Orchestra

Alex Holland, a student on the SSR/Stockport College BTEC Extended Diploma in Music Technology, recently completed a sound engineering project at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall when they hosted four live symphony concerts.

Alex’s key involvement consisted of a multi-track live recording of the Halle Orchestra, with two presenters, being sent through the main PA system.

Alex was responsible for microphone positioning (which included initial drafting of placement) choice of microphones, drop heights, patching cables and setting up and managing what happened in the mix.
In addition, Alex trained a number of students from the 1st year of the BTEC course in mixing techniques and setup procedures, drawing on the experience he has built up in these surroundings.

Alex Holland:
"Working at SSR has led to many great opportunities within the last year that I would never have had the chance to do. I have managed to transfer the training and knowledge I gained in the studios at SSR into eight live event recordings of the Halle, and a Gilbert and Sullivan opera in Altrincham. It has also lead to me getting to record and do live mixes of two west end singers and many more live events and studio recordings that would take far to long to list! I think if it hadn’t been for the expertise of the training I received from the SSR staff I would never have had these opportunities."

Andrew Percival from Stockport College:
“Alex’s help contributed to a far superior recording to that produced in previous events, as well as providing a mix for monitoring in the video control room.”

As a final, and equally crucial part of the process, Alex has been busily mastering the final recordings for inclusion of the DVD of the event.

We are always delighted to hear of the success of our students starting out on their careers, and would like to congratulate Alex on completing this work for the Halle Orchestra and Bridgewater Hall.