SSR Success Story - Lorenzo Tejada-Orrell, Audio Post Production Editor

Lorenzo Tejada-Orrell

Audio Post Production Editor

Music Production & Sound Engineering

Audio Engineering Techniques & Technology student Lorenzo Tejada-Orrell was awarded the SSR Tony Wilson scholarship. He was recently approached by Peter Knott of AirPlay Media with the offer of working for the company.

Lorenzo is currently working for Airplay Media, along side SSR post-production tutor Paul Maunder, on a project called OurSaySo. The project is about finding out the general public’s opinions on different topics, from the death penalty to the recent UK riots. The footage is then broadcast on AirPlay’s website.

Lorenzo Tejada-Orrell:
"My career pathway has completely changed and I have had to postpone the end of the live engineering course as I am too busy working with Apple and AirPlay Media. SSR tutor Paul Maunder has been a great inspiration in helping me and guiding me through the world of post."