SSR Success Story - Andrea Quarin, Music Composer

Andrea Quarin

Music Composer

Sound Engineering & Design BSc (Hons)

Andrea Quarin studied our Sound Engineering & Design course from 2007 until 2010 and has enjoyed considerable success since his departure.

Andrea has been working as studio manager at the ACE Centre which is an Arts, Culture and Enterprise Centre that hosts a range of activities designed to attract people of all cultures, ages and backgrounds into the centre of Nelson, Lancashire.

More recently Andrea has written and produced three pieces of music which will be aired with tournament footage on Eurosport, this was done with the aid of local firm Raising The Roof Productions whose staff were involved in producing videos for the championships.

Andrea Quarin:
"The first has a gladiatorial theme, the second is a bit hard rock or heavy metal and the third I already had written, but they seemed to like that as well. They have already broadcast three or four episodes and I think it is going to be used on the next series so it will run for quite a while. This worked well for both parties and hopefully it will help me to get my name out there. When I write music, it is mainly just for TV so the process behind it involves making sure the length is right and that the right instruments are used. I like all sorts of music. I have to listen to every style to deliver different pieces of music."

Andrea was recently featured in the Lancashire Telegraph