SSR Success Story - Andrew Sutherland, Live Sound Engineer

Andrew Sutherland

Live Sound Engineer

Live Sound Engineering

Andrew Sutherland completed SSR’s Live Sound course in February 2010 and has already been involved in some high profile shows and festivals including Glastonbury and T in the Park!

In his own words, here is Andrews’s story:

Andrew Sutherland:
“You never know where life will take you, where one decision may lead. So you can imagine my surprise as I went from working as local crew in a small, Sheffield venue to landing my first major job in the industry by simply chatting to the drummer of a touring band and helping him pack down his kit one night. I couldn’t quite believe it when he suggested taking me on the next Chipmunk tour as his drum tech but sure enough, a few phone calls later I was officially offered the opportunity I’d been waiting for. After three days of studio rehearsals and two days of production rehearsals, I was on a tour bus heading to the first gig, Glastonbury!

Andrew SutherlandIt flashed by as smoothly as could be expected and I was certainly grateful for the preparation, warning, and advice I had received at SSR about how manic festival shows can be. This certainly lived up to the reputation!

Thirteen headline shows and six festivals later I found myself looking back over the steepest learning curve I think I’ve ever experienced! I realised that knowing your role inside out will only get you by when everything goes exactly to plan and, in reality, it doesn’t! The real challenge comes when you’re late to T in the Park and you have to set everything up in half the time you normally would, or when the bass cuts out and it’s your job to fix it before the chorus, whilst remaining invisible to the audience.

It’s terrifying, thrilling and I love it!

But that only accounts for one month of my year. Since then I’ve had to be as flexible as possible to survive as a self employed sound engineer by taking on jobs ranging from technical management for events, installation of sound systems in pubs and hiring out my own gear until my next tour as FoH engineer for an upcoming local band in November.

The Live Sound course at SSR has equipped me with the skills to set me off on my journey to being a professional FoH or monitor engineer, and has also taught me the importance of giving the small jobs my whole effort in order to get the bigger ones.

Thank you to Jay and everyone at SSR!”