SSR Success Story - Qing Su, Pro Tools Certified Operator

Qing Su

Pro Tools Certified Operator

Music Production & Sound Engineering

An international student from China, Qing completed our Audio Engineering Techniques & Technology and Live Sound courses in 2009 before moving back to China. She is now working full time as a music editor for REC Department of China Central Television (CCTV).

Qing started at SSR with, in her own words, “zero background” in music theory. Following a year and a half of studying at SSR, she completed the course and also achieved the level of ‘Certified Operator’ for music in Pro Tools HD8. She is the first person in mainland China to earn this certification!

Before working at CCTV, Qing Su attended the nationwide ‘Golden Bell Awards Singing Contest’ in China, receiving the award of ‘Excellence’ in the South China Finals. With the knowledge and skills learned at SSR, Qing Su wrote two songs called "Yong Gan Cai Hui Xing Fu (Braveness Makes Happiness)" and "He Ni Yi Qi Zou (Hold On Together)" for Sichuan earthquake relief work. These songs were posted on several domestic mainstream websites, and inspired many Chinese people.

"He Ni Yi Qi Zou (Hold on Together)" won first place in the CCTV ‘512’ Original Music contest in 2009. She also wrote the song "Birthday Card" to celebrate China’s 60th National Day. The song was performed in the Zhong Hua Qing Show, on CCTV Channel 4. In December 2009, Qing wrote the song "Hello Macao" which was presented during the Special Coverage on 10th Anniversary of Macao’s Return to China, on CCTV Channel 4.
In her time away from CCTV, Qing Su continues to work an independent musician: writing, arranging and performing songs in her spare time.

Qing Su:
"The training at SSR prepared me for my present job as a music editor. I really enjoyed my time at SSR and would like to thank my amazing tutors and all the staff for their help in kick-starting my career: Chris Power, Martin Desai, Norbert Weiher, Andy Low & Steve Boyce Buckley. I feel I am still encouraged by their words. I really appreciate SSR giving me such good skills. I would strongly recommend SSR to all the people who want to excel in this field.”