SSR Success Story - Carlos Herreros, Live Sound Engineer

Carlos Herreros

Live Sound Engineer

Live Sound Engineering

Carlos Herreros, recent graduate of SSR’s Live Sound Engineering course has landed a job with Adlib Audio, based in Speke near Liverpool.

Carlos’ first shows were at the Manchester Academy 1 & 2, followed by Leeds and Liverpool shows, carrying out a number of different tasks mainly in the area of stage management, assisting the monitor engineers and systems technicians.

We asked Carlos to tell us all about it...

Carlos Herreros:
“It all started in October when live sound tutor Jay Beard recommended both Alan Harrison and myself to Andy Dockerty, MD of Adlib. After an initial interview I was offered some free gigs to get some work-experience. After a few gigs, I was offered a temporary contract as a live engineer, and obviously I was over the moon”.

I also worked some days at the warehouse in Liverpool. After that, I had a meeting with Andy Dockerty and Dave Jones (hire director) and they say they wanted to renew my contract till September 2009: they said they liked my way of working, and the crew were also very happy with me (they insist a lot in the social part of the job) and they wanted me to work as a systems technician.

I’ve picked things up pretty fast and I’m now rigging PA’s on my own, when possible, demonstrating responsibility for the whole system. If things carry on the way they’re going, after summer I’ll probably get a new contract or maybe even a permanent position as a system engineer, responsible for much bigger systems.”

I am really excited about this opportunity. I’m learning new things every day, and having a great time doing it!! I just want to thank to SSR, but specially to Jay Beard, for his training and for believing in me. Without that, I’d probably wouldn’t be working for Adlib Audio right now!"