SSR Success Story - Jay Thomas Heigl, Recording Engineer

Jay Thomas Heigl

Recording Engineer

Music Production & Sound Engineering

Jay Thomas Heigl who is currently studying Audio Engineering Techniques & Technology was recently invited by producer Willie Dowling to assist with recording and mixing for British rock band “The Wildhearts” latest triple album. The sessions took place in a studio in northern France which featured a Pro Tools HD4 rig and outboard equipment including Neve 1073 preamps.

Following the session Jay has been invited back to the studio to work on further projects.

Jay Thomas Heigl:
“The first few days I shadowed Willie, watching and absorbing his mixing techniques and workflows whilst building up a great work relationship thus allowing me to feel comfortable in giving input and asking questions. After a few days of mixing and getting used to his set up he trusted me with carrying on the mixing process for different elements in each track, whilst he would rehearse for his then up coming tour in the live room.

Some of these processes included sample replacement across the kit, EQ and dynamics from scratch for guitars and vocals, and creating a percussion track from MIDI. Then on last day we spent some time recording guitar and vocal overdubs.

All in all the experience was invaluable and extremely beneficial and I would like to thank the support from SSR!”