SSR Success Story - Robert Owen, Sound Designer & DJ

Robert Owen

Sound Designer & DJ

Music Production & Sound Engineering

Robert Owen is currently studying Audio Engineering Techniques & Technology at SSR London where he has flourished and already found work in the Industry.

Robert Owen:
“I have designed all the sound for an app translation of a boardgame. We were shortlisted in the 2011 '' awards... and we came 3rd! I created, composed, and sourced all the audio assets which included original themes, spot fx for every conceivable action, ambient soundscapes, sourcing and editing additional existing material such as an 8-bit 'Ride of the Valkyries' for the player turn, and using Jarvis Cocker's 'Running The World' as the game completion music. We had to negotiate publishing rights with Rough Trade for this. The game briefly held the number 1 spot on the app boardgame category in the UK iTunes chart.

I had a fantastic time working on the app. Not only was it was an opportunity to showcase the skills that I've learnt at SSR and start building a strong portfolio of sound design work, it also proved to be an invaluable experience working closely and communicating with the game developers at every stage to ensure that their vision of the final product became a reality. Bit by bit we crafted and fine-tuned the audio assets, and I believe that my work has added identity and an extra dimension to the app and enhanced the gaming experience.

I am also resident DJ and co-owner of Nintendisco - a club night held in various cities, and we've since gone on to work for Nintendo at all their events in 2011. An article published in the Guardian about Nintendisco has lead to us doing all the big music festivals last summer, console launches at Billingsgate Market and Oxford St HMV, and launch parties for their flagship games like Mario Kart. Now we're also doing video game conventions such as Eurogamer at Earls Court in Sept 2011.

Working for Nintendo has tested my versatility as a DJ. Over the course of the past year, it's been my job to get the party started at a series of huge events and entertain a wide variety of different crowds - be it young children and families, video game addicts of all ages, loved-up festival-goers, Premiership footballers, or even the man who invented Mario - Shigeru Miyamoto himself. I'm all about playing exhilarating chaotic eclectic sets and I've been lucky enough to play exactly what I want whilst representing what Nintendo stands for. It's been great fun to read the vibe of the room, make the right choices, and take the vibe to the next level!"

Guardian writeup on Nintendisco