SSR Success Story - Rakhmat Amesiandy, Mix Engineer

Rakhmat Amesiandy

Mix Engineer

Music Production & Sound Engineering

Rakhmat Amesiandy is one of our Audio Engineering Technology Techniques (AETT) students currently studying here at SSR Jakarta.

Rakhmat, or Ame as he is known to friends, has for the last eight months been working as a mixing operator at an established production house in Indonesia. Ame recently got some good news from his senior at campus who asked Ame to join him in Technical Support at Berkat Digipro Solusi (BDS).

BDS is Avid’s Solo Distributor in Indonesia. Avid are the developers behind Pro Tools, the industry standard Digital Audio Workstation that makes up a large part of the audio courses at SSR. A new beginning at BDS gives Ame opportunity to assist on concerts from national and international artists and festivals, such as SNSD, Java Jazz Festival, and also the newest HITS concert with Avril Lavigne.

The SSR team sat down with Ame to hear his experience in the industry:

Hi Ame! Can you tell us when is your happiest and saddest moment while you are working? Is it hard to juggle your career and studies?

"No at all, because I enjoy the industry I’m working in. The saddest experience I had is when I work at the production house, since I have to work in the morning and has to attend the night classes at SSR Jakarta, while the dateline demand a fast working time, I often do not get enough sleep. The happiest time is when I work at BDS, music has been my great passion so I feel happy to be able to participate in the production team who assist international concerts, and also I can enjoy the concert for FREE :p"

Any advice for younger students who studying at SSR Jakarta?
"Dedication, put lot of time and effort into your study, never get bored of practice, and do not be afraid to ask question of experts."

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of experts – That is a great piece of advice and one we can fully support. Whether it is your tutor, an industry professional or in fact anyone who really 'knows their stuff', be sure to ask questions (always be polite!) and keep in contact with them – you never know who might be able to offer you a job or help you with a project in the future!