SSR Success Story - Ali Jaya Meilio Lie, Filmmaker

Ali Jaya Meilio Lie


Digital Film & Music Video Production

Congratulations to Ali Jaya Meilio Lie, one of our Digital Film Production students, who won the First Runner Up Asian English Olympics for Short Movie Making in Binus University!

Q: Tell us about the video…
A: The story of the movie is simple; a deaf-mute introvert boy has been transferred to a new city and met a girl there. He likes the girl but he can’t be with her forever. It’s about letting go and being grateful for just meeting someone you love. I made all shots in the first person’s view so the audience can feel like they’re in the movie, like they are the boy. I made the movie for the competition, so I need to make sure that my movie would win or at least stand out for being unique.

Q: Is learning with SSR Jakarta helped you with the project?
A: I made this video in January 2013 when I was in phase 1. The most important influence I got from SSR happens when I did the scriptwriting. SSR Jakarta has taught me to have better mindsets how to produce a good movie.

Q: What did you feel towards the winning?
A: Pretty good! What made me really happy was not the winning. It was when people supported me, watched my movie, and admitted that they love it!

Q: Who else are involved in this movie project?
A: Well, I was the director, scriptwriter, and an editor. Others DFMVP students who helped me were Taro as the cinematographer, and Dimas as the production assistant. There were also some audio engineering students such as Mellita as the actress and music composer, Stefanus and Revandi as the other music composers.