SSR Success Story - Erisko Ardika, Technical Support

Erisko Ardika

Technical Support

Music Production & Sound Engineering

Audio Engineering Techniques & Technology student, Erisko Ardika, has recently secured employment with Berkat Digipro Solusi, the sole distributing company for AVID within Indonesia.

Here, Erisko is working within the Technical Support and Product Specialist division where the company provides industry standard support within the audio and video industries, for both outdoor and indoor uses.

Working with a highly regarded company related directly to AVID has allowed Erisko plenty of opportunity to acquire more knowledge within software programs such as Pro Tools, Media Composer, Sibelius, AVID’s Venue and even AVID’s Eleven Rack.

In June 2013, Erisko was also involved in providing technical support for G-Dragon’s performance at Mata Elang International Stadium, Ancol, Jakarta. G-Dragon is a popular name for the leader of famous Korean band, The Big Bang, Kwon Ji Young.

Within his time with SSR Jakarta, Erisko talked about his involvement and mentioned the following experience:

Erisko Ardika:
“I got called from one of my clients, Clair Brothers Indonesia, to support the console mixer of Venue Profile*. Technically they use 2 Venue Profile systems, one was for the playback from Pro Tools which they already recorded in the studio, the other one was for the G-Dragon himself and the band players (guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboardist and a sound sampler/synth).”

Although Erisko admitted that he wasn’t able to see how many channels would be used for the G-Dragons’s musicians, he was pretty sure of what he had specifically prepared. He went on to detail that the show was recorded with Pro Tools HD, track by track, for his client to mix at a later date.

Erisko chose to use the Venue because of its ideal and speedy workflow, perfect for live sound recording and mixing. According to Erisko, working with AVID’s Venue was a huge advantage as he could prepare his live session performance with offline software including the ‘Playback’ and ‘Record’ facilities.

Erisko Ardika:
“I’m not saying that using an analog console was less favorable. But, if you can make your workflow as simple as possible, then digital is one of the best solutions. As I learned from professional engineers, I can conclude one thing: keep your mind (workflow) in Digital, but keep your ears (sound) in Analog.”

Moreover, besides his technical skills, Erisko also has learned about how important communication skills are in the field of experience.

Erisko Ardika:
“The show went on, I was standing back and let the G-Dragon’s engineers do their thing. What I learned from my previous experiences as a technical engineer is also about how to interact with other engineers. For example, I’ve found the differences between American and European engineers, as well as Asian engineers. If I work with American or European engineers, they tend to have a talk with you when the show is on, but if it is Asian engineers, they usually want some “space” during their show’s time handling. Come up to their workspace if they call you, if they do not, don’t even think to bother them even with small talk.”