SSR Success Story - Kamesean Yoce Matthews, Performing Artist

Kamesean Yoce Matthews

Performing Artist

Music Production & Sound Engineering

The global phenomena of singing and talent competitions allows contestants to follow their dreams of a career in the music industry. With programmes such as Indonesian Idol and X Factor being imported from the USA and UK, budding Indonesian singers have now been given a platform to fulfill their passion for music.

One such contestant is Kamesean Yoce Matthews (Sean) who competed in last years’ Indonesian Idol competition as one of her objectives to achieve her dream of becoming a music industry professional.
Sean’s effort and hard work elevated her status to runner up of the Indonesian Idol 2012 competition. Sean is also a student at SSR Jakarta, studying our Audio Engineering Techniques and Technology (AETT) program and has also successfully completed our Electronic Music Production course (EMP).

Sean got to know SSR Jakarta when she and other finalists conducted weekly rehearsals in SSR Jakarta’s studios, then deciding to study at SSR Jakarta herself. We recently spoke to Sean about studying at SSR and her passion for music.

Sean Matthews:
“I feel at home in SSR. I feel comfortable with the staff and was impressed with the state of the art studios, but overall the most important thing is SSR was a very specific school and there was no school like this before in Indonesia. I want do something big with it, so that’s why as soon as there is a chance, no matter how hard I have to work at dividing my time between study and my career I’m so happy and so proud to study at SSR Jakarta”.

Sean believes that she now has a better understanding of how to maximize the sound and quality of her performance because all the information she is learning at SSR Jakarta is very useful for her career. It makes Sean understand many of the technical issues regarding audio such as microphone techniques and stage monitoring for live performances.

Sean Matthews:
“I want to know everything about audio and not just become a singer who only knows how to sing. I want to know the correct procedures for music production and how to operate the equipment in the studio, but my main goal is to have my own production house. I know exactly what I’m doing, and studying in SSR Jakarta is my first step to make it happen. So this is my passion.“

At the end of our discussion, Sean delivered a message for those who are still confused or in doubt about choosing a program study in creative media.

Sean Matthews:
“Most importantly, before you decide to learn or study something you have to know, whether you have passion for it or not. Although some people say there will be a job waiting when you complete your studies, if you have no passion, you cant be totally dedicated to it. If you know what you want to do, your passion should fire you up just do it!”