SSR Success Story - Mikha Angelo, Performing Artist

Mikha Angelo

Performing Artist

Music Production & Sound Engineering

The relationship between SSR Jakarta and X Factor Indonesia (a talent-show which has huge popularity in 40 countries) has been an exhilarating experience. From the top nine X Factor finalists, one of them named Mikha Angelo is an Audio Engineering Techniques & Technology (AETT) student at SSR Jakarta.

While busy battling to win the X Factor, Mikha has also kept up to date with his first semester, aiming for NCFE Level 6 accreditation.

This Indonesian teenager was born on the 8th of November 1997 and at his young age Mikha has already performed at some of SSR Jakarta’s events and joined SSR Jakarta’s ‘Special Hunt’. This was an audition SSR Jakarta had proposed to open bigger chances for the students who wanted to participate and perform.

Mikha started his career by founding a band named “The Overtunes” with his brothers in 2010. Mikha admitted that he wanted to be a well-known musician both locally and globally and by participating in X Factor, Mikha is hoping that people can see his talents and enjoy his music. “I am working out my dreams!”

Mikha Angelo:
“One of my dreams is to collaborate with Michael Buble and to be nominated for a Grammy Award. Young people nowadays should be brave to dream and give it a shot. Don’t give up your dreams before trying. We don’t know what’s going to happen if we don’t try. I really wish that my involvement with X Factor Indonesia can motivate and inspire Indonesian young people. If I can do it, why can’t they?

There are lots of things I can adopt from SSR Jakarta. Many lessons I’ve got from SSR which I can apply within practical actions in the broadcast industry.”

X Factor has given Mikha another chance to observe how real audio engineers work. It gives the bigger picture of working within the industry as a whole. One of Mikha’s lecturers, Bayu Wicaksana, Head of Live Sound in SSR Jakarta, stated: “Mikha is quite shy but he definitely can go along with the subjects. He often shares his experiences with his friends and of course, he has great vocals.”

Pro Tools tutor, Declan Curtis also commented about Mikha: ”He is a fast learner and one who owns the spot light in the class.”

Mikha was complimented by the X Factor judges, included Ahmad Dhani. At the third show, Ahmad Dhani said that “Mikha is like the Indonesian Justin Bieber”

Mikha responded:
“Well, it seems to be a little weird because I don’t want to be influenced by that representation of Justin Bieber. He’s not bad, but I prefer to be myself.”

The other judge, Rosa, also evaluated that Mikha has never sung a bad song! Judge for yourself...