SSR Success Story - Pete Seddon, Live Sound Engineer

Pete Seddon

Live Sound Engineer

Live Sound Engineering

Pete Seddon competed our Audio Engineering Techniques & Technology course and also graduated from the first ever intake of the Live Sound course at SSR Manchester back in 2008. He has gone on to forge a successful career within the Live Sound industry, touring and working with high profile artists including Radiohead, Franz Ferdinand and Coldplay.

We got in touch with Pete earlier this summer and asked him to give us an update on his recent work and projects...

Pete Seddon:
"As for credits this year I've been working with Franz Ferdinand and Little Mix (X Factor winners) in arenas mostly. My previous clients include Radiohead, Coldplay, JLS, Girls Aloud, Elvis Costello and The Script.

I've been lucky enough to travel the world, from Bosnia to Japan and the States, putting in PA systems for big acts. It's been a good ride, and I can't think of any other job that would have given me the opportunities and experiences that I've had over the last few years. The pay is good and the lifestyle is nice too. I'm lucky to do what I do!

One trip that springs to mind was last year. Franz and I with the crew were travelling across Europe on a private plane. We'd take transport straight to the runway onto private air strips and head across Europe. That was the tour when I first went to Russia. What a crazy place!

I'm usually baby sitting a monitor rig, mixing sound for the bands on stage, which is my preferred role. I've been lucky enough to work with equipment from some of the best manufacturers, also working as a rep for them to come up with ideas for next generation console and product releases.

For instance Allen and Heath donated an iLive rig and asked  us to come up with new ideas for a console which will be released next year, and i have been featured in magazines such as TPI. I've been mostly doing festivals over the summer so I see a lot of bands and a lot of gear. From the Rolling Stones to Stevie Wonder, which is great. I will soon be travelling to South America on tour and I'm really looking forward to that!

Thanks to everyone at SSR particularly Jay Beard, and I hope to catch up with everyone soon."

We would like to say a big congratulations to Pete on his career so far and we look forward to hearing what he gets up to in future!