SSR Success Story - Lucy Mulligan, Binocle Internship

Lucy Mulligan

Binocle Internship

3D Film Production BSc (Hons)*

Lucy Mulligan has just completed the first year of our Stereo 3D Film Production course and has now landed an exciting internship with Binocle3D in Paris later this summer.

Binocle3D is one of the most renowned 3D production companies in France, developing and providing cinema professionals with innovative production and post-production tools for stereoscopic filming.

Lucy will be joined at Binocle in France by fellow student Joe Schofield who has also been offered an internship at the company.

During their time with Binocle, Lucy and Joe will be working on a number of projects and may end up travelling throughout France and beyond as part of their roles. 

We would like to wish Lucy and Joe the best of luck with the internship and we look forward to hearing all about it when they return to SSR for the start of the new term in September!