SSR Success Story - , Recording Engineer

Recording Engineer

If ever there was an example of a hard working, dedicated and focused student who both grabs and makes the most of the opportunities made available to them during a course with SSR, Tom Leach is it.

Not content with completing our FdA Music Production course in 2009, Tom decided to continue studying and went on to complete our Audio Engineering Techniques & Technology course (now titled Music Production & Sound Engineering) and graduated in 2011.

Tom also became a valued member of our Studio Assistant team – mentoring new students and assisting them in our various studios – a post he held until leaving SSR in 2014.

Outside of his SSR commitments, Tom set himself up as a freelance audio engineer and began to embed himself into the Manchester music scene, recording and producing for a wide variety of bands and artists. In addition, Tom would regularly volunteer to get involved in various events and commercial sessions that took place in our studios, most notably receiving engineering credits on Mr Scruff’s recent Friendly Bacteria album which was mixed and partially recorded here at SSR.

In 2014, Tom secured a part time position at Funky Junk in London and decided to move down to the capital to further his career.

During his time at Funky Junk, Tom was also freelancing at Strongroom Studios and other recording facilities in London, eventually becoming an assistant engineer at Snap Studios, a position he still holds to this day in addition to being a freelance assistant engineer at the prodigious AIR Studios, where he has been working on and off since the start of 2015.

Tom at the controls in Snap Studios

We caught up with Tom via email and he picks up the story below…

Tom Leach:
“Generally, I’ve been working as an assistant engineer to the producers and engineers that book the studio at Snap, and as part of a slightly larger team at AIR. I also continue to work with my own clients, bands and artists, both local and international.

I’ve been fortunate to work with many incredible producers and engineers, there’s too many to name them all but the likes of Tony Platt, Guy Massey, Phil Brown, Jerry Boys, Geoff Foster & Stuart Zender.
Artist wise I’ve had the pleasure of working with FKA Twigs, Stormzy, Wretch 32, Hanz Zimmer, Christophe Beck, Spiritualized, John Powell, Jess Glynn and more, and some that I’m not allowed to mention at the moment!

While I was studying and working at SSR I was fortunate to be granted a couple of opportunities that helped me to step up my game, working with both well known and unknown artists in the industry, all of which helped me get my foot in the door.

Having access to the Neve VR, AMEK and other consoles and a large selection of nice outboard meant I found the transition into commercial studios much easier, and was already familiar with a lot of the equipment I came across.”

Mic'ing up

As such an integral part of the SSR team (and what with being a super nice guy!), Tom is still missed by many of the staff and tutors at our Manchester campus but it is great to see him doing so well and that the jump to London seems to be paying off. We would like to take this opportunity to both congratulate and compliment Tom on his achievements to date and wish him the very best for his future career.

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