SSR Success Story - James Collinson, Producer, DJ and Label Owner

James Collinson

Producer, DJ and Label Owner

Electronic Music Production & DJ Practice BA (Hons)

James Collinson is currently studying at our London campus and is on the third year of our Electronic Music Production & DJ Practice degree course, delivered in association with The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).

Not content with producing music and performing DJ and live sets across London, James has also recently launched his own Enthalpy Records label which has just dropped it's first two official releases, one of which features tracks from fellow SSR London student GODD4RD.

Here we catch-up with James to find out more about his experiences studying at SSR London, his career so far and his plans for the future. 

How/why did you start DJing?

"I moved myself back to London mid summer, 2013 as I had decided I wanted to become a professional DJ. I purchased Traktor and an S4 Kontrol and began mixing tracks I truly enjoyed at home. I was working in bars and speaking to different DJs, trying to find out how to get into the industry, most the answers I received were along the lines of "just put yourself out there and do it", so that’s what I did. Plucked up the courage to book my first gig and went for it. It's only the past year whilst studying at SSR have I really taken my DJing to the next level. Not being satisfied playing mine or other peoples music through CDJs or Controllers I have decided to switch to a hardware based set up where I have more freedom and can fully manipulate and create my music completely live!"

Are you producing as well? How long have you been doing that, and what genres do you like?
"I am producing, yes. I started producing (composing) even at school writing music on my guitar or the piano before going to college and learning jazz and classical music where I gained a great compositional grounding. I moved on to produce Hip-Hop a few years ago, then moved on to Drum and Bass, then Pop, now House and Techno."

You seem to be doing really well – how did you start to break into the scene?
"I just spoke to as many musically focused and like minded people as I could. Working in a bar in Camden helped me a lot and attending SSR." 

How was your year in 2015?
"My year 2015 was good for me, I played at Ministry of Sound, Proud (Camden) and XOYO. I launched my record label (Enthalpy Records) at the end of 2015 / beginning of 2016. We had our launch party in Eclipse, South Kensington. We than held a club night at Thirst, Soho. At the moment I am working on booking a roof terrace for our 'End of University / Start of Summer' party! My label has it's first official releases scheduled for 10th March and the 27th March, one of which is GODD4RD (a student currently studying at SSR)"

How are you finding your course at SSR?
"I am in the 3rd year on the Electronic Music and DJ Practice (BA Hons) degree. I have found the facilities great at SSR and once you show you are capable to use the equipment you get to use the stuff as much as you like. Without SSR I wouldn’t of had an opportunity to learn how to use all the different hardware I currently use in my DJ performances (Roland Aira equipment, Modular Synthesizers, Drum machines, etc.). I am currently mastering my mixes for myself and my label on the Neve console with Edson M (with help from Daniel Westley) who also study on the music production degree."

Any advice for aspiring DJs who want to start making a name for themselves?
"1 - Join SSR and get on a course, you truly get as many opportunities as you can get involved in, it's constantly growing and secure different links within the industry.

2 - Get raving! Get out there, speak with guys who work at events, get to know bar staff, bar managers, promoters."

Where can people find you?


Record Label:
Enthalpy Records on Beatport

Where can people catch you playing next?
"Just quit a residency so...... Free for bookings! Looking for a new DJ resident on the decks? I can play most genres! Also looking to take my hardware performances to a club scene! Email my label with a header 'PERSONAL BOOKING' to"

Big thanks to James for answering our questions. We're looking forward to hearing about what he does next and would like to wish him every success with the record label. Nice one James!