SSR Success Story - Supratik Das, Recording Studio Engineer

Supratik Das

Recording Studio Engineer

Music Production & Sound Engineering

For the latest addition to our Success Stories features we are delighted to share the news that Music Production & Sound Engineering graduate Supratik Das has just landed a position as the chief sound engineer at Wandering Minstrel Records in Bangalore, India.

The Wandering Minstrel studios are owned by renowned Indian artist Raghu Dixit, and used exclusively for Raghu's projects with his band and the other Bollywood projects he works on.

As a student, Supratik was extremely hard working and jumped at the chance to get involved in projects outside of his studies wherever possible, most notably engineering many of the sessions that take place in our studios with performers from the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM).

We asked Supratik to reflect on his experiences studying at SSR and are pleased to share his story with you below:


Supratik Das:

"It is really hard for me to pen down the incredible experience I’ve had at SSR Manchester. They helped me out when things got difficult for me.

After leaving behind my regular desk job, I decided to join Alchemea college in London as a student of Studio Sound Engineering and Music Production and it seemed like things were falling into place. Unfortunately Alchemea closed down not long after I started and I felt shattered. That’s when SSR offered to take on all the students of Alchemea free of charge into one of their courses, and so I decided to join SSR in Manchester in September 2015.

Due to visa regulations, I just had 6 months to complete my course at SSR, which meant I could only complete the Studio Sound Engineering module, despite also wanting to do Live Sound Engineering too. However, Ian Hu (SSR Director) was kind enough to allow me to take both the courses simultaneously! I knew it was going to be a challenge studying two modules at once but I was up for it!

In the 6 months I spent at SSR, I have had the pleasure of learning from some of the best industry pros while using state of the art equipment. As a part of the Live Sound Engineering module, I have learnt aspects that I had no idea about before. Not many of us know the number of things there are to be learnt in the field of live sound. Before joining the course I thought it is as simple as knowing how to use a console, but little did I know about things like stage monitoring, PA design, mains distribution, rigging, digital consoles, stage management, UHF and wireless equipment!

What I really liked about the course was that we were always learning things at a professional standard. I also passed the Pro Tools 210V exam, which makes me an AVID Certified VENUE operator, and I also got certified for British Health and Safety regulations, which is very important if one wants to work in this industry.

Not only did we learn about live sound for concerts and shows, we also learnt about installations using networked audio, which I didn’t know anything about before joining the course. An 
insight into things like Yamaha DME and Allen & Heath iDR systems has opened a new range of opportunities for me to delve into!

The advanced Studio Production and Mastering module I took was a fantastic experience as well. I have always dreamt of getting my hands on a large format console like the Neve VR60 they have at SSR. The ‘Spirit’ studio there is a top notch state of the art studio and I feel extremely lucky to have had a chance to learn and work in that space, using equipment such as the Pro Tools HDX system, the outboard gear including legendary pieces like Urei 1176, Tubetech CL 1B, AMS DMX 15-80s, PMC and Yamaha monitors and of course the Neve itself. It couldn’t get better than that.

Spirit Studio was a place where you make records, not demos, and that is exactly what I was looking forward to. Our tutor Steve Boyce Buckley holds a truck load of experience behind him and it has been a wonderful experience learning from him as he shared a lot of knowledge outside the bounds of a textbook. We also learnt the analog side of studio recordings - a Saturn 24 track tape machine was available for students to use. I did some recordings using the tape machine and it was incredible.

During the course I also had the chance of visiting the AMS Neve factory and also the Midas HQ, which were great experiences, and every Monday we had a band coming in from the Royal Northern College of Music to do a session in Spirit. I feel honoured to have been able to run a lot of these RNCM sessions as it was an incredible experience working with such professional musicians. These sessions have helped me immensely in my personal growth as an engineer.

Overall, I had a great time at SSR Manchester. It was an experience of a lifetime. The lessons I have learnt from my great tutors are something I am going to remember for a lifetime in my career as a sound engineer. If not for SSR, I don’t think I would have had a chance to get such hands on experience on industry standard equipment that adds a gold star on my resume!"


As an educational institution it's very gratifying to hear how the courses we run and opportunities we provide for our students can have such an impact on someone's life and career. We are extremely proud to have helped Supratik achieve his goals, and are delighted to hear he had such a rewarding experience studying with us.

We have no doubt Supratik will go on to forge a very successful career in the audio industry and we would like to both thank him for the kind words he has shared above and also wish him every possible success in the future.