SSR Success Story - Harry Bryson, Producer & DJ

Harry Bryson

Producer & DJ

Music Production BA (Hons)

Harry Bryson studies on our Music Production BA (Hons) degree course at SSR London and is already making a name for himself as one part of Drum & Bass production duo Pola & Bryson.

Last year the duo had releases on Soulvent Records, hospital Records and Vandal Records to name a few, and later this year will release their debut album on Soulvent.

We caught up with Harry for a few quick questions about his production and DJ career so far and to find out how he is enjoying his time studying at SSR:

How/why did you start DJing and Producing?
I started DJing around the same time as I started producing (about 5 years ago). I used to watch my brother DJ for hours until he eventually gave me a few lessons and I learned from there.

I have been producing predominantly drum and bass for about 5 years now, currently as part of a duo called Pola & Bryson.

You seem to be doing really well – how did you start to break into the scene?
Basically me and Jack (Pola & Bryson) had be working on music for about two years, until we decided to create a duo act as of April 2015. Our first EP (the Music EP released in in April 2015) got a great reach thanks to the promo, and got a very good reaction from very high up people in the drum and bass industry. Eventually Hospital Records picked up on the EP and licensed one of the tunes (Stolen Glances) for their Fred V and Grafix mixtape along with our official remix of Etherwoods’ You Will Always Be A Part Of Me.

We also witnessed some of the tunes from the EP such as Bad Habbit being played out by S.P.Y, Etherwood, Fred V & Grafix, and London Electricity at Hospitality events which was an incredible feeling!

We played in Amsterdam for Liquicity @ de marktkanne in March, and Village Underground for the Spearhead Records takeover too! Since then we've continued to grow and work with artists such as Hugh Hardie. Some of our tunes have been picked up by Spearhead Records and we now have a confirmed vinyl EP release with them, as well as working on our debut album!

How was your year in 2015? Any releases?

Yeah, our releases from 2015 were:
  • The Music E.P - Soulvent Records
  • Territory - Vandal Records
  • Etherwood - Stolen Glances feat. Sammie Bella - You'll Always Be A Part Of Me (Pola & Bryson Remix) - Hospital Records
  • Hugh Hardie, Pola & Bryson - Lied - Hospital Records
  • Liquicity Escapism Volume 3 (two tracks from us: Paper Booklet and Whisper To Me feat. Sammie Bella
And many more to come!!!

What made you choose SSR? How do you find the course, the facilties, the overall atmosphere and the support you are getting?

I always wanted to further my knowledge of music technology and learn about everything from recording techniques to mixing to mastering etc. I wanted to find somewhere that had a nice relaxed and friendly environment where the classes weren't full of about 40+ people, somewhere that I could get a good amount of excellent tuition along with exceptional facilities.

When I visited SSR it looked perfect, and having now done 1 & 1/2 years studying Music Production I'm loving it and it turned out to be exactly what I was looking for!

Great to hear! Any advice for aspiring DJs who want to start making a name for themselves?

I would say build up a good network of contacts with people who are high up in the industry of your specific genre, and not just on social media but try to meet them at gigs and events in person, I think that's the most important thing. When you send out music/mixes people are much more likely to listen to them if you know them on a personal level.

Where can people find you?

Where can people catch you playing next?
El Dorado Festival 1-3rd of July

Jazz Cafe Camden 16th June

Bratislava 18th June

Upcoming releases?
We have 2 songs on Liquicity Escapism Volume 3, and an E.P on Spearhead Records, and that's all I can mention for now!

Any big plans for the rest of 2016?
Towards the end of the summer, we shall be releasing our debut album on Soulvent Records!!!!