Tiarnan Haughian is currently studying on the second year of our Electronic Music Production & DJ Practice BA (Hons) degree course.

With a new release coming out on fellow SSR student James Collinson's Enthalpy Records we caught up with Tiarnan for a quick chat about his production and DJ career...

Hi Tiarnan! When and why did you start DJing?
I started to DJ when I was about 14/15. My brother had just got his new CDJ1000s which were quite new at the time and I was was just fascinated by the whole thing. We literally locked ourselves in that room until we could mix two tracks together properly. From then on in I really found my love for the music, there was no better feeling than mixing in tracks that you are really feeling at that time, and getting that mix perfect was something special at the start.

Do you also produce your own music?
I've been producing now for about 4 years and things are really starting to find their way in my productions. My course at SSR has definitely helped me with my skills. I have my first track out now on Enthalpy Records called Ways of the Underground. It has been getting great support from all ends. My main genre is House - I don't like to delve deep into sub genres, because for me House is House. Oh, and I also slip some Techno in there from time to time if I can which is always a plus.

You seem to be doing really well – how did you start to break into the scene?
When I first came to London I didn't know anybody in the club scene, which was different for me as I had lots of contacts back at home, so I had to start fresh. I actually got my first gig over in Ministry of Sound for SSR when they hosted a room there on Boxing Day. Off the back of that gig, I got a few more gigs there with contacts I made through SSR. I then met some new people who were doing nights in clubs such as Egg, Fire, Lightbox and XOYO, and now I am getting regular gigs at all of them.

I broke into the scene by just getting myself out there, networking with people, and then eventually meeting the right ones.

Can you tell us a bit more about events you take part in?
Sneak at XOYO is on a Tuesday night and it's London's biggest student night. When I secured the room it was an obvious choice to bring in the SSR students to DJ, to showcase all the talent our college has. I'm also part of the Chew.TV team - every month we showcase all of the best talent plus special guests on a live video stream. It's a great platform which gives SSR students a chance to perform no matter what genre.

Do you have any advice for people who are interested in starting to produce and DJ?
If you want to make a name for yourself you have to get yourself our there send your mixes and tracks to everyone you can, but still get out to the nightclubs that you want to play in. If you start networking with people then there will be more chance of you meeting the right person and potentially getting a gig. As they say, it's not what you know it's who you know.

Where can people catch you playing next?
You just missed me playing at XOYO on the 17th of May for Sneak with the SSR students. But on 28th May I'm at Thompsons Garage in Belfast and on the 11th of June I'm playing on the Sound of London Underground Thames boat party.

Do you have any upcoming releases?
Ways of the Underground is my brand new release, out now on Enthalpy Records. Plus a few more which I can't chat about just yet.

Any big plans for 2016?
I have big plans for the summer when it comes to Ibiza, with lots of bookings at Zoo Project, Eden, Privilege and more.

Thank you for taking the time to chat to us Tiarnan, and good luck with your gigs over summer!